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=HL7 "Reducing Clinician Burden" (RCB) Project=
=HL7 RCB Project - Overview and Analysis Worksheet=
*[[media:Reducing_Clinician_Burden-Overview-20190508.pdf|DRAFT Reducing Clinician Burden Project Overview, dated 8 May 2019]]
*[[media:Reducing_Clinician_Burden-Overview-20190508.pdf|DRAFT Reducing Clinician Burden Project Overview, dated 8 May 2019]]

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The Reducing Clinician Burden (RCB) Project is an activity of the HL7 Electronic Health Record Work Group (EHR WG).

Please subscribe to the HL7 EHR WG listserver for meeting announcements, agendas and updates regarding current work.

The RCB Project team meets via teleconference on the 1st and 3rd Mondays each month - at 3PM ET (US). To join the teleconference:

NOTE: The RCB Team is meeting face-to-face in conjunction with the HL7 Montreal Working Group Meeting on Wednesday, 8 May, from 1:45 until 5PM (US/Canada ET) so the 6 May teleconference is cancelled. The Project Team will reconvene via teleconference on Monday, 20 May, at 3PM ET (US).

NOTE: DRAFT documents may be incomplete and are posted for Team review and discourse. Please take care to note their draft (tentative) status if referencing or sharing with others.

HL7 RCB Project - Overview and Analysis Worksheet

"See What We Mean"

HL7 RCB Project - Reducing Burden - Success Stories

HL7 RCB Project - Focus Team Drafts

US Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) DRAFT "Strategy on Reducing Burden"

HL7 RCB Project - Reference Sources