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Creating New Definition Pages

Pages listed in Red on the glossary page do not yet exist. Clicking on them will create a new page with a Wikipedia editing window.

Copy the following wikicode to use as a template for the new page.

This is a Glossary page

''This page is under discussion and definitions and aligmnent with the BRIDG model have not yet been finalized''

==R1 Working Definition==
Enter the Definition, remembering to enclose other RPS terms in [[square brackets]]. 
If it is a term which may be used by other projects on this wiki, the name will be suffixed by (RPS),
in which case use the Wikicode of [[Something (RPS)|Something]]

==ICH Equivalent==
'''Term in Bold''' or ''None''

==BRIDG Term==
'''Term in Bold''' or ''None''

Enter the Definition

==Additional Regional Definitions and Synonyms==
'''Term in Bold''' or ''None''

Enter the Definition

[[Category:RPS Glossary]]

Adding Terms to the Glossary Page

Click on the Edit tab at the top of the page, then insert the new item alphabetically in the list.

Start the item with an asterisk (*), then enclose the definition in two sets of square brackets. If the name will be used by other projects on this wiki, suffix the name with "(RPS)".

Do not include any abbreviations in the brackets, instead create a separate wiki link for the abbreviation, and see the following section for how to create a redirection from the abbreviation to the main page.


*[[Major League Baseball]]
*[[Major League Baseball (RPS)|Major League Baseball]]
*[[Major League Baseball]] ([[MLB]))


Pages which have abbreviations should be given Redirection pages that go to the full definition, instead of having two definition pages.

Copy the following section, then click on the abbreviation, and paste the following as an example for the redirection page:

#REDIRECT:[[Term to Define (RPS)]]
[[Category:RPS Glossary]]