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RMIM Designer Documentation (DatatypeReleaseSupport)

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With the advent of HL7 Data Types Release 2, it became necessary to provide the ability to migrate a design from data types R1 to data types R2, and vice versa. This is possible because the RIM expresses a specific mapping to be followed, and, with one exception, this process can be reversed with no changhe in the base model.

Data Types Release Governed by RIM Loaded in RMIM Designer

The RMIM Designer actually has two "states" - one in which it supports only data types R1, and one where it supports only R2. These states are established when the RMIM Designer first loads a RIM from an HL7 Design Repository. Historically, all RIMs from RIM version 0.8 through RIM version 2.26 are bound to data types R1. RIMs with versions 2.27 and later are planned to be bound solely to data types R2. If the loaded RIM is based on Data Types R1, the RMIM Designer will only support that data type release, and vice-versa.

At any given time, the current state of the RMIM Designer can be determined by selecting Menu...HL7...About This selection displays an "About" window, and the second section lists the version of the RIM (and data types) that are loaded along with the version of the Vocabulary that is loaded.

Data Type Conversion on Opening a Model

Whenever an RMIM Design is opened, whether manually or as part of a batch process, the RMIM Designer first ascertains the data type release of the model. (This is determined by a [[RMIM_Designer_Documentation_(VisioReleaseDifferences)#Tagging_Designs_for_Their_Visio_Version_and_Data_Types_Release|document tag discussed elsewhere.) If the data type release of the model does not match the current state of the RMIM Designer, the model cannot be opened without converting the data types.

If the document was opened manually, the following dialog will be opened. (Batch processing is covered in a separate section.)