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The 2012 HL7 Roadmap defines a number of priorities.
#REDIRECT [[AID in the HL7 Roadmap]]
The main [[RIMBAA]] WG efforts fit within strategy 3 (below).
#The collection and publication of a set of best practices (or: implementation patterns) related to the implementation of HL7's standards, and
#Working with third parties to create re-usable software components and tools to facilitate an easier implementation process for future implementers.
*(2012) STRATEGY 3 - HL7 Implementation: Develop standards that are easier to implement and more responsive to customer needs
**2.3.2 (2012) HL7 Standards implementation has gotten easier. Description: "Implementation" refers to the use of HL7 material in the development of software applications and messaging systems, for the exchange of health information.
**2.3.4 (2012) Tooling strategy has been developed. Description: Efficiency in HL7 implementation is supported by tools. ... Componets of a tooling strategy include, but are not limited to, prioritization of new tool development vs. ongoing support of existing tools, process for evaluating and incorporating externally developed tools.
To a lesser degree RIMBAA represents the ''HL7 v3 implementer community'' in the standards development process. RIMBAA does provide feedback and new proposals based on implementation experiences (e.g. the new [[Context Conduction]], [[RIM ITS]]).
*(2012) STRATEGY 1
**2.1.5 (2012) Key stakeholder groups have been identified, with value propositions and action plans for engaging each group. Description: Groups that play a valuable role in the development of HL7 standards, whether through technical development, functional requirement identification, etc, have been defined. There is a written plan that describes how HL7 will seek to engage and involve each group in the standards development process.
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