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RIMBAA Tooling Liaison

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From the San Diego WGM sept-2011

  • It passed a MOTION to have a joint RIMBAA/tooling meeting in San Antonio (Michael/Peter, 11-0-0) ;
  • Michael van der Zel is now the tooling liason to RIMBAA;
  • It passed a MOTION for RIMBAA to co-sponsor the "HL7 Tooling Strategy and Process Revision Project" created by the tooling WG (Peter/Ewout, 11-0-0)

Discussion Topics

  • Process to recommend use of certain tools
  • The Tooling Work Group asks for a couple more (14-oct-2011):
    1. Process to evaluate implementation oriented tools/toolkits
    2. Discuss the possible creation of a 'reference implementation’
    3. Criteria to use to determine quality/utility of implementation oriented tools – how do we know which tools to recommend/support/facilitate development
    4. What types of tasks and roles would use tools to aid in standards adoption and implementation
  • Tools for RIM based software development (renamed from Implementation Tooling 17-jan-2012 San Antonio WGM)
  • HL7 Tools list
  • Should the Project Scope Statement (PSS) be adjusted
    • Add category for tool:
      • help develop standards (e.g. RMIM Designer, RMIMs)
      • help use standards (EHR Profile Tool, EHR-S FM)
      • implement standards (class library Marc-Hi Everest datatypes)