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RIMBAA ReferenceApplication

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What is a RIMBAA Reference Application? Is this a running application or an IDE or both? UMCN has a RA, NHS has (part of) an IDE (the SMD) and PHI has an IDE that generates RA's.


  • Rene Spronk: by definition a RIMBAA application has to persist instances of RIM-based models (instances of data used in healthcare worklows). An IDE has knowledge of RIM based structures, but doesn't persist instances of those models. The IDE is a helpful/necessary tool for the generation of RA's, but in itself (to me) it is not a 'running RIMBAA application'.
  • Michael van der Zel: I concur with Rene, but.. In the Model Driven paradigm the IDE is probably part of the running RIMBAA application. The question might be if a RIMBAA application is a MDA? I think it is.


  • Ecore
  • OHT