RIMBAA 201309 Agenda

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This is the agenda of the RIMBAA WG for the September 2013 WGM in Cambridge.

Monday Q3 (13:45-15:00)

  1. Administrative items (max 30 minutes)
    • Agenda approved, with additional May out of cycle discussion
    • Approval of Atlanta WGM Minutes
      • Motion to approve minutes of the Atlanta meeting (Andy/Peter), 3-0-1 (y/n/abst)
    • Approval of November Out of Cycle meeting
    • Discussion of a May out-of-cycle
    • RIMBAA name change - discussion did not occur in Atlanta (time permitting, max 10 minutes)
  2. HL7v2 and CDA Implementation Bundles (Rene Spronk)
    • FHIR is published in such a way, and combined with reference implementations etc. that appeal to software implementers. On hindsight, what would a HL7v2 (or: CDA) Implementation Bundle look like ? Should we as HL7 offer such 'bundles' for download?
    • Example: The HL7v2 Implementation Bundle could consist of the HL7v2 spec (in HTML) format, v2 examples, the HAPI/nHAPI toolkits, the v2 XML schema, the v2 database (with definition of message structures).
    • Discussion: what exactly would we like to see in a v2 bundle? Or a CDA bundle?

Wednesday Q4 (15:30-17:00)

  1. Administrative
    • Agenda approval
    • Announcements
      • Rene: the board has created a User Group taskforce to come up with ideas on how to set up user groups. There are no real plans yet, but they intent to pilot the mechanism/structure with 1 or 2 user groups. I suggested they'd pilot their work with two user groups: a user group that has yet to be created from scratch, and one that effectively already is up and running (but can always be improved upon): AID (ex-RIMBAA). I haven't committed us to anything, but I feel it's an opportunity to improve/expand our offerings.
    • MOTION "To revisit the motion related to a new name for this WG made on Monday, and to follow the recommendation of the FTSD steering division in renaming this WG to Application Implementation and Design (AID)"
    • Prior to the name change, RIMBAA was the #18 most frequently visited page on the Wiki:
      1. Main Page ‎(578,478 views)
      2. Architecture Board ‎(60,562 views)
      3. Community-Based Collaborative Care ‎(48,168 views)
      4. Architecture Board 2010 ‎(47,424 views)
      5. EHR Interoperability WG ‎(46,202 views)
      6. WGM information ‎(45,700 views)
      7. Security ‎(45,311 views)
      8. Clinical Trials Registration and Results ‎(41,455 views)
      9. Detailed Clinical Models ‎(38,963 views)
      10. Regulated Product Submissions ‎(36,234 views)
      11. Virtual Medical Record (vMR) ‎(34,344 views)
      12. Patient Care ‎(32,278 views)
      13. Structured Documents ‎(30,395 views)
      14. Installing and Configuring HL7 Tools ‎(26,011 views)
      15. Agenda Minutes ‎(25,228 views)
      16. Drug Stability Reporting ‎(25,018 views)
      17. Infrastructure and Messaging ‎(25,003 views)
      18. RIMBAA ‎(24,380 views)
      19. Conformance and Guidance for Implementation/Testing ‎(23,520 views)
      20. Coffee Lounge ‎(22,885 views)
      21. FHIR ‎(22,790 views)
  2. Kaiser's Clinical Ontology (OWL) Modeling KCOM.
    • What is OWL and how is it related to UML and OO?
    • What do you gain with Open World Description Logic, Reasoners and Inferencing?
    • What happens if you try to move the HL7 RIM to OWL?
    • How do you capture clinical specialists domain knowledge in an Ontological OWL model?
    • How can you represent these models in UML and in tabular Excel format?
    • Michael Rossman and Peter Hendler will address these questions and show examples based on complex clinical encounters in a medical specialty domain.
  3. Implementation Bundles (time permitting)
    • Continuation of the discussion held on Monday

Thursday Q3 (13:45-15:00) - joint with Tooling WG

RIMBAA Hosting Tooling

  1. How Domain Driven Design and Event Souring (CQRS) uses RIM.
    • Will explain the difference between a transactional model like RIM with, for example data warehouse model.
    • George de la Torre presenting