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RIMBAA 201209 Agenda

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This is the RIMBAA agenda for the September 2012 WGM in Baltimore, USA

Saturday Q1-Q4 (RIMBAA)

  • FHIR connect-a-thon. RIMBAA acts as the official HL7 sponsor for a test of FHIR implementations.
    • Featuring Grahame's as well as Ewout's implementation of FHIR, as well as any other parties that wish to take part. See FHIR Connectathon for details.

Monday Q3 (Tooling / RIMBAA)

  • Joint meeting with Tooling, hosted by Tooling
  • Main topic: Tools for RIM based software development
    • The question is how to get to appropriate categories. The proposed approach was to create a list of software and then come up with categories for those. So 5 people will do this and then we try to consolidate the categories. The result we will use as "the" categories on that page. Suggested categories: Tools for Standards Implementers (RIMBAA), “IHE”-like stuff, and Tools for Standards Creators.

Tuesday Q3 (RIMBAA)

  1. Administrative
    • Announcements
      • Rene: the 'informal notes' of the RIMBAA meeting in Gothenburg (March 2012) don't need formal approval. there was no ch-chair present and as such it wasn't an official RIMBAA meeting, but just an informal gathering of RIMBAA members.
    • Agenda Review/Additions/Changes
    • Plans for the week. Interesting meetings held by other WGs, e.g. FHIR
    • Approval of the minutes of the meeting in Vancouver
    • RIMBAA three year plan
      • Needs update and formal approval.
      • Update of [project 550 deliverables / due dates]. PMO about project 550: Next Milestone Date Is: 2011 Sept WGM/Ballot Determine when the next deliverable will be (the tgt date can be a WGM or Ballot Cycle); send dates to
    • Re-approval of the content of the Software Implementation of CDA whitepaper.
      • MOTION to approve the Software Implementation of CDA whitepaper as a reflection of current best practice. The document will be up for re-approval during the September 2014 WGM.
    • Changing the scope of RIMBAA
      • Discussion: change RIMBAA into the 'HL7 model based software implementation' WG ? This to include CDA as well as FHIR within its scope, whilst excluding things like HL7v2 and CCOW.
      • MOTION To change the mission and scope of RIMBAA to RIMBAA Mission and Charter and to change its name to XXXXX.
  2. Tools for RIM based software development
    • Discussion, based on change in RIMBAA's scope and the outcome of the joint meeting with Tooling yesterday
  3. Querying clinical data (Keith Boone, GE, max 30 minutes)
    • Keith has authored a series of blogposts about the implementation of 'querying clinical data', the lack of a query language which is of concern to RIMBAA (Query_Expression_and_Execution_Technology); we need to have a query language irrespective of whether one has a CDA-store, a RIM based store or a FHIR store: Keith will present his opinions/experiences related to querying data.
      1. Query By Example (QBE) as used by HQMF/Query Health.
      2. How to compute with parts of the graph (this is not addressed by HQMF/Query health).

Tuesday Q6 (Tooling / RIMBAA)

  • Joint meeting with Tooling, hosted by Tooling
  • Presentations by Ewout and Grahame on their implementations of FHIR

Thursday Q1 (RIMBAA)

  1. Developing a REST based FHIR-like product using JSON and CouchDb (Gordon Raup, Datuit) (max. 30 minutes)
    • Our team at Datuit is building a NoSQL / JSON implementation of a V3 data. We are using NoSQL in general for its flexibility compared to We are using CouchDB in specific because of its rapid response times with very large Big Data aggregations. Our product is an application platform (SafeIX, for Safe Information eXchange) that serves up and stores V3 data from/to the CouchDB backend. It's not based on FHIR, but does use the related concept of SMIRF which was discussed in RIMBAA prior to FHIR being developed.
    • We are now able to demo our first app for the platform, the Datuit Care Plan Manager. We will briefly show what we have and then peek under the hood to show how we are implementing it.
  2. LifeLines RIMBAA / DCM based (/ CIMI) (Michael van der Zel, UMCG, the Netherlands)