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RIMBAA 201209 Agenda

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This is the RIMBAA agenda for the September 2012 WGM in Baltimore, USA

Saturday Q1-Q4 (RIMBAA)

  • FHIR connect-a-thon. RIMBAA acts as the official HL7 sponsor for a test of FHIR implementations.
    • Featuring Grahame's as well as Ewout's implementation of FHIR, as well as any other parties that wish to take part. See FHIR Connectathon for details.

Monday Q3 (Tooling / RIMBAA)

  • Joint meeting with Tooling, hosted by Tooling
  • Main topic: Tools for RIM based software development
    • The question is how to get to appropriate categories. The proposed approach was to create a list of software and then come up with categories for those. So 5 people will do this and then we try to consolidate the categories. The result we will use as "the" categories on that page. Suggested categories: Tools for Standards Implementers (RIMBAA), “IHE”-like stuff, and Tools for Standards Creators.

Tuesday Q3 (RIMBAA)

  1. Administrative
    • Announcements
      • Rene: the 'informal notes' of the RIMBAA meeting in Gothenburg (March 2012) don't need formal approval. there was no ch-chair present and as such it wasn't an official RIMBAA meeting, but just an informal gathering of RIMBAA members.
    • Agenda Review/Additions/Changes
    • Plans for the week. Interesting meetings held by other WGs, e.g. FHIR
    • Approval of the minutes of the meeting in Vancouver
    • RIMBAA three year plan
      • Needs update and formal approval.
      • Update of [project 550 deliverables / due dates]. PMO about project 550: Next Milestone Date Is: 2011 Sept WGM/Ballot Determine when the next deliverable will be (the tgt date can be a WGM or Ballot Cycle); send dates to
    • Re-approval of the content of the Software Implementation of CDA whitepaper.
      • MOTION to approve the Software Implementation of CDA whitepaper as a reflection of current best practice. The document will be up for re-approval during the September 2014 WGM.
    • Changing the scope of RIMBAA
      • Discussion: change RIMBAA into the 'HL7 model based software implementation' WG ? This to include CDA as well as FHIR within its scope, whilst excluding things like HL7v2 and CCOW.
      • MOTION To change the mission and scope of RIMBAA to RIMBAA Mission and Charter and to change its name to XXXXX.
  2. Tools for RIM based software development
    • Discussion, based on change in RIMBAA's scope and the outcome of the joint meeting with Tooling yesterday
  3. Querying clinical data (Keith Boone, GE, max 30 minutes)
    • Keith has authored a series of blogposts about the implementation of 'querying clinical data', the lack of a query language which is of concern to RIMBAA (Query_Expression_and_Execution_Technology); we need to have a query language irrespective of whether one has a CDA-store, a RIM based store or a FHIR store: Keith will present his opinions/experiences related to querying data.

Tuesday Q6 (Tooling / RIMBAA)

  • Joint meeting with Tooling, hosted by Tooling
  • Presentations by Ewout and Grahame on their implementations of FHIR

Thursday Q1 (RIMBAA)

  1. FHIR implementation aspects
  2. LifeLines RIMBAA / DCM based (/ CIMI) (Michael van der Zel, UMCG, the Netherlands)