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RIMBAA 201205 Minutes Vancouver

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This is the RIMBAA agenda for the May 2012 WGM in Vancouver, CA

Tuesday Q6 (Tooling / RIMBAA)

  • Joint meeting with Tooling, hosted by Tooling

Thursday Q1

  1. MongoDB / NoSQL based implementation of FHIR (Ewout and Grahame)
    • Ewout: Storing FHIR resources, indeed just like SMIRFs, seems like a natural fit for this kind of databases. Of course, XML databases like eXist, are an equally good match for the same reasons. Some of my SMIRF experimentation used eXist. For now, I used MongoDb because it is offered by AppHarbor (the Cloud platform I am deploying to).
  2. using the FHIR data types as a persistence model for ISO data types (Grahame)


Monday Q2 (RIMBAA)

Minutes for Monday Q2 now available at [[Media: ]]

  1. Administrative agenda items
    • Agenda Review/Additions/Changes
      • Plans for the week. Interesting meetings held by other WGs, e.g. FHIR
    • Approval of the minutes of the meeting in San Antonio
    • Announcements
    • Tooling liason update (Michael)
    • Update of the RIMBAA three year plan. RIMBAA was given a 'penalty point' in the WG Health stats for not updating the three year plan within the last 10 months. This serves as a reminder to review and update the current three year plan.
  2. A RIM and SNOMED based Web Service for Active Problem List (Michael Rossman ,Kaiser Permamente)
  3. CIMI and FHIR, how are they similar and dissimilar (Michael van de Zel, UMCG)
  4. The EHR functional information mapping project and relevance to RIMBAA (Stephen Hufnagel)Example.jpg

Monday Q3 (Tooling / RIMBAA)

==Thursday Q1++

  • All about FHIR implementations with Ewout, Grahame and Lloyd

Minutes can be found at :