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RIMBAA 201105 Minutes Orlando

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Agenda for the May 2011 WGM in Orlando FL USA


  1. Rene won't be attending this WGM.
  2. one quarter to be set aside for a joint HL7 RIMBAA & OpenEHR software implementers session.

MON Q3 Business-Icon.jpg Technical med.gif

  1. Administrative agena items
    • Approval of agenda for the week
    • Announcements
    • Approval of the minutes of the Washington meeting.
  2. dbMotion. A RIM based integration platform used on a very large scale at U of PItt, Israel and elsewhere. Practical experience making RIMBAA work on a large scale for integrating disparate hospitals and facilities.

WED Q2 (hosted by I/C)

  • This quarter RIMBAA will have ajoint meeting with the Implementation/Conformance WG (who are hosting) and the Tooling WG.

WED Q6 (19:00-21:00) Technical med.gif

  1. Hybrid approaches to RIMBAA (Amnon Shabo)
    • Native-XML RIMBAA for semantic warehousing with XQUERY exploration
    • Exported data marts in RDF or relational formats for analytics and optimization
    • RDF-based promotion layer facilitates the defitnion of data marts
    • Data mart schemas are user-defined and mapped to the XML warehouse and/or promotion layer

THU Q3 Technical med.gif

  1. Report on v3 implementation at Intermountain (Stan Huff)
    • There is more than one way to express a clinical statement in RIM. If you are using a RIM model to trigger clinical decision support rules, how do you know if two different expressions represent the same thing? Prior to the RIM and prior to OWL, Dr Huff was faced with the problem of representing clinical events in a "normalized" way so that equivalent expressions are known to be equivalent. He will discuss the "normalized" model that he and his group developed to address this problem.
  2. Kaiser Permanente, a preliminary trial of using RIMBAA (Java SIG) to aggregate data from Epic and NHIN data sources.
    • Using MySQL and the original version of the JAVA SIG API, and also developing a Clinical Data Extraction Framework (CDEF) to extract data from Epic without having to go through Clarity (Epics relational projection), Pradeep and his group at Kaiser Permanente created a system that can capture data in real time as it is being entered into Epic, and persist it in a pure RIM database (MySQL). They have a web interface that can show the data minutes later. So far this demo project us capturing Demographic data but it will be part of a wider effort to capture all clinical data.
  3. A templated RIMBAA CDR for a Hospital Wide Continuity of Care Record (Michael van der Zel)
    • Simple CRUD CDR at UMCG, static storage is easy, the dynamic behaviour is where the fun/trouble starts, report on issues we ran into creating the CDR store. And the hybrid SQL+XML database solution applied.
    • Plus, a discussion type of presentation were he wants to point out the Research specific issues @ LifeLines/Target