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**Context Conduction (see [])
**Context Conduction (see [])
**MIF meta model browser (see [])
**MIF meta model browser (see [])
*[[RIMBAA: SAIF vs RIMBAA|SAIF vs RIMBAA]] - update (Michael van der Zel).
*[[RIMBAA: SAIF vs RIMBAA|SAIF vs RIMBAA]] - update (Michael van der Zel) ''I won't be in Rio :-(''.
*Work on the deliverable(s)
*Work on the deliverable(s)
**[[ORM best practices]] , original aim was to finalize this during this WGM
**[[ORM best practices]] , original aim was to finalize this during this WGM

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Monday Q1 (09:00-10:30) Business-Icon.jpg Technical med.gif

Tuesday Q6 (19:00-21:00) Technical med.gif

  • Work on the deliverable(s)
    • Grahame Grieve, to lead a discussion on RIM ITS implementation experiences
    • Presentations/discussion related to data type / RIMBAA issues:
      1. Grahame Grieve: Using R2 data types in your object model, and R1 data types on the wire. The differences will be explored - with Eclipse parser examples. Grahame: I convert between the forms in my parser and base all the other code off the proper object model R2 represents. You can also substitute R2 for R1 on the wire if you control both ends. It's a fairly simple change to do it minimally, all you need is a mapping schema that aliases BN to BL, CE and CV to CD (an up to date list is at RIM_ITS_Specification#Appendix_.231)
      2. Cecil Lynch: CD datatype implementation in a RIM based backend database used at MD Anderson Cancer Center.
      3. Some data type specific issues will be addressed, e.g. software implementation of GTS

Wednesday Q4 (15:30-17:00) Technical med.gif

  • Product/Tooling demonstrations
  • Cecil Lynch (Ontoreason LLC) on a RIMBAA implementation
    • Experience at MD Anderson Cancer Center in building a RIM based backend and an application to transformed their "structured documents" from their EMR into CDA and the transform to the backend RIM model.
      • It is based on an OWL ontology of the CDA model so that we can bind terminology to the CDA attributes using the inferencing from OWL. Expressing the v3 RIM in OWL. Cecil's company is fully based on OWL and RIM based artifacts and they have built the US CDC National Surveillance for Tuberculosis fully in OWL. That system has been in full production across the entire US since April of last year with no downtime and no errors.
      • Cecil will also talk about the 'table per class or per hierarchy' discussion, he feels it is the is the wrong approach. You really need to think about relational theory and the cost of joins. I don't think the issue of performance is really debatable with so much literature addressing it from Codd and others. This is partly why triple stores tend to outperform relational equivalents.
  • Work on the deliverable(s) - continued from Monday Q1