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|?||Kjetil Sanders||CSAM Health, NO||
|?||Kjetil Sanders||CSAM Health, NO||
|R||Michael van der Zel||UMCG and Results4care, NL|| 
|R||Michael van der Zel||UMCG and Results4care, NL||
|R||Rene Spronk||Ringholm, NL||
|R||Rene Spronk||Ringholm, NL||

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On March 11 an international RIMBAA meeting will be held in Amsterdam. The meeting is co-hosted by HL7 the Netherlands and HL7 Inc.. This meeting is designated as an out-of-cycle meeting of the international HL7 RIMBAA working group. All interested persons are welcome to attend this meeting, whether a member of HL7 or not.

  • Date: March 11 2010, 10:00-17:00
  • Location: Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Airport. There's a regular free shuttle service (busses are marked 'Ibis' and 'Accor Hotels') from platform A9-A13 (50 meters in the direction of travel, as seen from the taxi rank).
  • Registration: Please register by sending an e-mail to Rene Spronk
  • Co-chairs: Rene Spronk (co-chair of the RIMBAA WG) & Michael van der Zel (co-chairs of the Dutch RIMBAA SIG)

Agenda: (draft, is still being extended)

  1. Administrative (max 30 minutes)
    • Agenda Review/Additions/Changes (max 5 minutes)
    • Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting in Phoenix: (max 5 minutes)
    • Announcements (max 10 minutes)
    • Planning of next meeting
  2. Highlights from prior RIMBAA meetings on other continents (Rene, max. 30 minutes)
  3. RIMBAA: SAEAF vs RIMBAA (Michael van der Zel)
    • a presentation of the way in which the RIMBAA fits within the HL7 Enterprise Architecture Framework.
  4. Update of new developments/changes in core v3 modeling (Ewout Kramer).
    • Context Conduction. The way in which context conduction will be supported has been radically changed during the recent meeting in Phoenix.
    • RIM ITS overview. The RIM ITS provides an alternative way of expressing RIM-based-object-trees in XML. The encoding is based on the RS-cell of the technology matrix and is well suited for the exchange of data between RIM based applications.
  5. MDD and how it is used in the PHI Technology toolsuite (Davide Magni)
    • PHI Technology is the most advanced MDD toolsuite (based on RIMB based information models) we know of. ITAL TBS (the developers of PHI) have gained ample experience in applying generic MDD principles in healthcare.
  6. MIF based code generation
    • (Hans Jonkers) Introduction to MIF
      • Hans will present some of the basic characteristics of MIF. He has only used those parts of the MIF he needed to build his application (see agenda item 6 of these RIMBAA minutes for a presentation of the application). He has created an object model based on the MIF schema.
    • (Rene Spronk) Overview and discussion of this draft paper: MIF based code generation.
      • By now the RIMBAA WG has received feedback from a number of MIF based code generation approaches, which allow us to create an initial description of some of the best practices.
  7. Various product/concept presentations (te be added)
    • Other suggested agenda items: Ewout Kramer with an update from the Nijmegen RIMBAA implementation; Bertil Reppen with an overview of the architecture of the Apertura Opthomology solution.
  8. Discussion of RIMBAA Issues


At Name Affiliation Email Address
R Andrea Ceiner ItalTBS, IT
E Andy Harris National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), UK  
? Arild Hollas CSAM Health, NO
? Arvid Nicolaas Philips, NL  
R Bas van Poppel iSoft, NL
? Bertil Reppen Apertura, NO  
R Davide Magni ItalTBS, IT
R Ewout Kramer Furore, NL  
R Freek Geerdink Vrumun, NL
R Hans Jonkers Philips, NL
? Henk Enting MGRID, NL  
? Kjetil Sanders CSAM Health, NO
R Michael van der Zel UMCG and Results4care, NL
R Rene Spronk Ringholm, NL
? Roelof Middeljans UMCG, NL  
R Tessa van Steijn Nictiz, NL
? Tom de Jong NovaPro, NL  
? Tommy Kristiansen CSAM Health, NO
? Willem Dijkstra MGRID, NL  
? Yeb Havinga MGRID, NL