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RIMBAA 201001 WGM Agenda

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Agenda for the January 2010 WGM in Phoenix

Monday Q3 Business-Icon.jpg Technical med.gif

  • Approval of agenda for the week (5 minutes)
  • Approval of the minutes of the RIMBAA meeting in Amsterdam (5 minutes)
  • RIMBAA Product presentation: Greg Kuhnen and Scott Parkey (Axolotl) to present an architectural/RIMBAA overview of the Axolotl Elysium application. (30 minutes)
  • Work on the deliverable(s)

Monday Q4 Technical med.gif

  • Product/Tooling demonstrations
  • RIMBAA Product presentation: RIMBAA Aspects of the DB2 PureXML database (30 minutes).
    • Amnon Shabo (IBM) to present: "research effort developing a data warehouse (RIMon) that is based on the RIM" (30 minutes)
    • Issues on Wiki: Category:RIMBAA Issue
  • Discuss impact of proposed RIM changes to RIMBAA

(MnM: Tuesday Q3) Technical med.gif

(Tooling: Tuesday Q6, 19:00-21:00) Technical med.gif

Wednesday Q2 Technical med.gif

  • Topic: Model Driven Software Development (MDD)
    • What would it take to move from RIMBAA (information model based code generation) to fullblown model driven software development?
    • PHI Technology effectively has accomplished MDD. What's missing in the HDF/the HL7 EAF in current v3 tooling - what are the things we'd need to have full support for MDD in HL7 v3?

Thursday Q??? Technical med.gif

  • Joint meeting with the ITS WG (hosted by ITS)