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RIMBAA 200905 WGM Agenda

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Regretfully the attendance was too low. We decided to join other WG sessions.

I mainly concentrated on ArB SAEAF (see 20090510_arb_Kyoto_agenda and 20090513_ArB_Kyoto_Minutes)
and Detailed Clinical Models with Patient Care.
I actually got myself an action item. I have to write a whitepaper on the position of RIMBAA in the SAEAF matrix.
Next time we have to publish an agenda sooner, so it will be included in the materials handed to all HL7 attendees.
--Michael 14:53, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

"RIMBAA in Kyoto"

  • Note: Peter Hendler won't be present during this WGM.

RIMBAA in Kyoto.png

Monday Q1 (09:00-10:30) - room 670 Business-Icon.jpg Technical med.gif

  • Agree upon the future goals of the RIMBAA WG: (draft)
    1. Marketing - Public exposure of successes (of v3 implementability and the RIM itself)
    2. Sharing of experiences and solutions
      • Document/describe (for all possible cell transitions) how those steps could be supported/achieved.
      • We focus on Patterns for Application Development. Guidance, no normative outcomes.
      • Reference Implementation (Java SIG materials, extend OHT?)
    3. Education - for newbies to RIMBAA
    4. Standard Improvement
      • Work with ITS WG on an RS XML ITS and the identification of CS-RS transition issues
      • Identify issues caused by the ‘interoperability mindset’ of the RIM
      • V3 constructs: Context Conduction, Update Mode, Object Versioning
      • Work on SAEAF Platform-Specific_-_Engineering - Wednesday Q4 with ArB - RIMBAA & SAEAF

Monday Q2 (11:00-12:30) - room 670 Technical med.gif

Wednesday Q3 (13:45-15:00) - room 673 Technical med.gif

Possible Subjects

  • (pure/backbone) RIM based ITS - discuss in ITS WG
  • discuss and work on cell transitions
  • Issues on Wiki: Category:RIMBAA Issue
  • review the Technology Matrix
  • work on a RIMBAA slide deck (use the this file as a starter?). Note: "Save As" .pptx, not as a .zip.
  • impact of proposed RIM changes to RIMBAA