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RIMBAA 200901 WGM Agenda

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Note: Peter Hendler won't be present dusing this WGM.

Monday Q3 (13:45-15:00)

  • Approval of agenda for the week, minutes of the last WGM
  • RIMBAA project/product presentation

Monday Q4 (15:30-17:00)

  • RIMBAA project/product presentation

Tuesday Q6 (19:30-21:00)

  • This session starts just after the Neotool party

Subjects for Discussion

  • How to do a Connectathon? Or we could do a connecthathon.
    • Can we test the exchange of serialized RIM-based instances between RIMBAA applications?
  • Database with ISO datatypes
    • If we define the ISO datatypes as User Defined Datatypes - what are the advantages? How would this be combined with ORM solutions?
  • RIMBAA Reference Architecture
    • What would this look like?
    • What is the relationship with the EHR-SD RM (System Design Reference Model) and H-SOA-RA?
  • Generated SQL database and mapping rules
  • A CIM DIM ;-)
    • Can we create a SOA Common Information Model?
    • Michael vd Zel: We (UMCG) use something very similar to Clinical Document R-MIM, only with multiple entry points, more from the Clinical Statement, ergo DIM. I heard there are harmonisation efforts to update the Clinical Statement part of the Clinical Document with the Clinical Statement work done in Care Provision.
  • Best practices generating code using the informative schemas. For Java & .Net & others? (See discussion in the tooling list on "XML Binding Frameworks")
    • Schema improvement project 2008NE (March?) - XML Binding Frameworks
    • Have classes/CMETs extend each other. E.g. Observation extends Act, PatientLite extend PatientIdentified etc.
    • Make this a joined effort with Xml schema enhancement