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*BOF - free flowing discussion session
*BOF - free flowing discussion session
*Presentation of approaches (max 30 mins each)
*Presentation of approaches (max 30 mins each)
**Michael van der Zel and colleague, UMCG, see [[RIMBAA: UMCG]]
**Michael van der Zel, UMCG, see [[RIMBAA: UMCG]]
**Jason Siegel, Atlas Development, see [[RIMBAA: Atlas Development]]
**Jason Siegel, Atlas Development, see [[RIMBAA: Atlas Development]]

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Monday Q3 (13:45-15:00)

  • Round of introductions
  • Approval of the minutes of the last WGM (max 5 minutes)
  • Presentation of the PHI Technology RIMBAA application

Monday Q4 (15:30-17:00)

  • Round of introductions
  • Presentation of the UMCN RIMBAA application
    • Presentation mixed with a Q&A session, and live demonstration
    • Presented by Ernst de Bel (the Netherlands)
    • This is a fullblown EHR created by a Dutch university hospital, based on a RIM persistence layer (6 tables in an ER database).
    • In terms of the Technology Matrix this implementation is based on the RP-RO-RS squares. RIM-based serialized models (RS) are transformed into message models (MS) and vice versa.

Tuesday Q2 (11:00-12:30) (hosted by Implementation & Conformance WG)

  • v3 implementation case study presentation - the I&C WG invited us to speak.
  • Presentation for a general audience, less technical than the RIMBAA meeting itself
    • General Introduction of RIMBAA and the technology matrix. (Peter & René)
    • Java based RIMBAA reference implementation (Peter)
    • Option: Andrea - Phi technology (?)
    • Option: Ernst de Bel - UMCN (?)
    • Option: Jason siegel - Atlas Development (?)
    • Option: Michael van der Zel - UMCG (?)
    • Others (?)

Tuesday 17:30-19:30 ("Q5")

  • BOF - free flowing discussion session
  • Presentation of approaches (max 30 mins each)

Wednesday Lunch (12:30-13:45)

  • The Implementation/Conformance working group hosts a "V3 implementers lunch" each WGM, the intent of which is to share implementation experiences.
  • A RIMBAA presentation (soapbox presentation - only a couple of minutes. Voice only, the meeting room is exposed to full daylight) has been put on the agenda for the lunch meeting. This to present some of the highlights of the RIMBAA meetings eralier in the week.
  • Remember: you need to sign up for this lunch during the registration for the WGM. You can probably still do so on-site as well, but only early in the week..