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RIMBAA: Marc-HI Everest

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From the minutes

Mohawk HI-Everest, a generic MIF-based code generator for .net

  1. Rene presents, and video: This is a presentation originally made by Duane Bender during the HL7 WGM in Phoenix (January 2010).
  2. Ewout: at Nijmegen hospital we tried to use the tool with a MIF file for a universal artifact. It didn't work because of MIF-version issues. They did however look at the toolset and the quality of the generated code (using a MIF shipped with the toolset): quality of generated code looked very good; the tool is very well integrated into Visual Studio. The HL7 v3 data types library (which is part of the toolset) looks to be very useful even as a standalone library.
  3. In general the attendees lamented the fact that all tools seem to support slightly different versions of MIF, and that conversions and manual tweaks are a necessity to get them to work. Stability of MIFs, or at least a collection of working transformations are urgently needed, this is effectively a hurdle to tool use and adoption.

From a mail Tue 2010-10-12 23:40

To summarize the major features that are part of the Jan 2011 release of the Everest framework, they are:

  1. Experimental support for universal MIFs (tested with NE2008), still needs to be hardened
  2. Support for MIF 2.0, 2.1 and 2.1.3/2.1.4 (via MIF preprocessor)
  3. Optimization of RMIM classes via combining and collapsing (supported by C# renderer and formatters)
  4. Experimental support for rendering of collapsed/combined XSDs with XSLTs to/from the collapsed structures
  5. XML ITS1 Formatter is now multi-threaded to provide better performance on "first render"