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The RIM Based Application Architecture working group (RIMBAA, part of the FTSD) serves as a focus for those who are interested in using RIM based information models for application and database design, and to promote the development of HL7 Version 3-compliant applications. The RIM can be used as a universal model for designing both applications (Model Driven Software Development, MDD) and databases. This has the advantage that it saves time and resources by not having to design new one-off application frameworks and databases. See for a video of an overview presentation.

Agenda, Action Items, Minutes Talking Points See also

Why should you participate?

  • Patrick Loyd, GPI , January 2011: "I'm involved in a lot of HL7 groups, in most of them I'm 'teaching', this is one of the few groups where I actually learn something"
  • Chirag Bhatt, CTO of FEI Systems, October 2010: "Main eye opener for me was that RIMBAA workgroup demos and discussions [are] focused on in-depth architecture/design/technology discussions with real-life implementation issues. Usually I wouldn't expect that in a meetings held for healthcare standards. However, after attending RIMBAA sessions, I am glad that this workgroup focuses on real-life issues and serves as a torch to implementers who may be lost in the "implementation darkness". I am hoping that I can engage myself more."