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QRDA Category III R1.1

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  • Comments regarding the QRDA Category III R1.1 Update
  • Sarah Gaunt: Please check and fix all links in document - there are a lot of (more than 50) broken/missing links (tip: there is a link checker add-in for Word that you can use to find all these missing/broken links).
  • Sarah Gaunt: Suggest that the Schematron and associated support files are not included with the package but uploaded to GForge
  • Sarah Gaunt: STATIC binding on CONF:2226-17238 doesn't have a date (it has been removed since the previous version)
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg 13: "QRDA Category Release 1, DSTU Release 3 was published in June 2016." Should be 2015
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg 14: "Since the publication of QRDA Category I R1 DSTU in 2012, the standard had experience very rapid adoption." change to "has experienced"
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg 81: ". If versionNumber=”4.0.000” were sent in a QRDA Category III file, it will fail the CDA_SDTC.xsd schema validation. " Change to either "were sent... it would fail" or "is sent... it will fail"
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg 82: "Version specific identifier for an eMeasure can be used to uniquely identify an eMeasure and it is a required data element for QRDA III." change to "The version specific identifier..."
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg128: "/ClinicalDocument/documentationOf/serviceEvent/performer/assignedEntity /representedOrganization/id/@extension

WHERE /ClinicalDocument/documentationOf/serviceEvent/performer/assignedEntity/representedOrganization/id/@root="2.16.840.1.113883.4.2" " A better way to write this is simply: "/ClinicalDocument/documentationOf/serviceEvent/performer/assignedEntity /representedOrganization/id[@root="2.16.840.1.113883.4.2"]/@extension" - no need for the where