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Meeting notes can be found in the HL7 document center: [  Meeting Notes]
*[[Pub Agenda telecon|2017-08-28]]
*[[Pub Agenda telecon|2017-07-31]]
*[[Pub Agenda telecon|2017-06-26]]
===Past Meeting Minutes===
*[[Publishing_Call_Minutes_20170109|Publishing Call 2017-01-09]]
*[[Publishing_Call_Minutes_20170213|Publishing Call 2017-02-13]]
*[[Publishing_Call_Minutes_20170313|Publishing Call 2017-03-13]]
*[[Publishing_Call_Minutes_20170327|Publishing Call 2017-03-27]]
==WGM Agendas and Minutes==
==WGM Agendas and Minutes==

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Publishing Work Group Mission and Related Planning Documents

NOTE: As of September 2017, the distinction between v2 and v3 Publishing no longer holds. The Work Group is now the Publishing Work Group. We retain the v2 Sub Grouping for old documents as a matter of history.

Pages managed by the Publishing Work Group

Upcoming Meetings

Publishing meets every other Tuesday at 3 PM EST with adjustments for holidays.

Check the HL7 Conference call schedule for upcoming meetings. (

Dial-in Number (United States): (515) 604-9581

Access Code: 243646

International Dial-in Numbers:

Online Meeting Link:

Online Meeting ID: editors6

FAQ’s, tips and other helpful information regarding is available at > Resources > Tools and Resources > Tip Sheet.

Meeting notes can be found in the HL7 document center: [ Meeting Notes]

WGM Agendas and Minutes

HL7 V2.x Publishing Sub Group

The V2.x Publishing Work Group is responsible for the publishing of HL7 Version 2.x

V2.x Publishing Refactor project

V2.x Publishing "How To ..." Documents

HL7 V2.x:

  • HL7 V2.x Style Guide (Vxx)
  • latest

HL7 V3 Publishing Sub Group

The V3 Publishing is responsible for publishing all HL7 non-V2.x Standards (V3 Messaging, CDA, etc.)

Minutes, Conference Calls and WGM

Issues and Current Work

V3 Publishing "How To ..." Documents

HL7 V3:

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