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Proposal: add InformRequestActType Concept Domain

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Proposal Name: New concept domain InformRequestActType and value set with example values

Submitted by: Patrick Loyd Revision date: February 19, 2009
Submitted date: January 2009 WGM Reommendation ID: CA-2009-04-4

Vocabulary Object Change Summary

Abbrev. Description: # to add: # to remove: # to change:
D Concept Domains 1
S Code Systems
C Concept Codes in a Code System
V Value Set
B Context Binding

Summary Recommendation

Create new concept domain InformRequestActType for use in the Provider Registry (PR) payload models for document routing (see InformRequest class).


Artifacts in the ballot use generic ActCode concept domain (which is retired). Seek to define a new concept domain.

Current State

PR Models which contain the InformRequest clone class, currently bind the code attribute to the ActCode concept domain, which was retired (removed during November 2008 Harmonization). There is currently no other specific concept domain which seems appropriate for usage with InformRequest.code.


See Issue

Recommendation Details

Create a new concept domain InformRequestActType as a parent concept domain and use for binding InformRequest.code.

Concept Domain definition: Codes which specify a document type for which a provider is requesting routing of health information which could include documents from the specific service delivery location to them. Examples could include Diagnostic Image Interpretations, Lab Test Results, Electro-Cardiogram Reports.


Had a discussion with Security WG – had no issues with naming of the concept domain as InformRequestActType.

This is different from documentTypes concepts as this is

Recommended Action Items

PA to implement recommendation