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Proposal: add EducationLevel codes

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Proposal Name: New codes for EducationLevel code system

Submitted by: Wendy Huang Revision date: March 16, 2009
Submitted date: March 13, 2009 Recommendation ID: CA-200904-23

Vocabulary Object Change Summary

Abbrev. Description: # to add: # to remove: # to change:
D Concept Domains
S Code Systems
C Concept Codes in a Code System 2
V Value Set
B Context Binding

Summary Recommendation

Add additional concepts to the EducationLevel code system.


Need to capture additional levels of education.

Current State


See Issue

Recommendation Details

Need to add the following codes in bold to the EducationLevel code system:


     ASSOC (Associate's or technical degree complete) 
     BD (College or baccalaureate degree complete) 
     ELEM (Elementary School)
     GD (Graduate or professional Degree complete)
     HS (High School or secondary school degree complete)
     JHS (Junior High portion of primary schooling complete)
     PB (Some post-baccalaureate education)
     POSTG (Doctoral or post graduate education)
     SCOL (Some College education)
     SEC (Some secondary or high school education)
     SJHS (Some Junior High primary schooling)

Display name and description are to be made identical with the content within the parentheses followed by the code to be consistent with other codes within the same code system.

These concepts are not abstract, and it is an intentional valueset consisting of all codes from EducationLevel code system.

This code system is used in the Person.educationLevelCode attribute in the PRPA_RM201301UV model and the PRPA_IN201311UV02 (Patient Registry Add Request) and PRPA_MT201301UV02 is the message payload.

Recommended Action Items

MnM to implement recommendation