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*Use cases developed
*Use cases developed
*Prospectus available
*Prospectus available
Current Status of Participants:'''
'''Current Status of Participants:'''
*Patrick report
*Patrick report
**Confirmed: Solid, Imad, Enovacom,  
**Confirmed: Solid, Imad, Enovacom,  

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HIMSS Interoperability Showcase at NI2016 BiWeekly Meeting May 3rd 2016

Meeting Recording:

Current Status

  • We are currently 7 weeks out from NI2016 conference
  • Use cases developed
  • Prospectus available

Current Status of Participants:

  • Patrick report
    • Confirmed: Solid, Imad, Enovacom,
    • Need Confirmation:
      • Nurse IT Institute (Berlin),- no answer, probably not attending
      • Webtech with Siemens (confirming next week),
    • Interest: Company in Netherlands in pediatric home care, Switzerland Company, University hospital from Geneva, applied Science University in berlin.
    • Total confirmed to date: 3 confirmed, 1 more adding
    • Working with the builders
      • Simple box like Vegas and that there will be 5-10 participant,
      • Will have the price soon
      • Theater provided by the convention center
    • Patrick creating a newsletter one a week until conference
      • Next time could include the showcase. May ask member for content.
  • Slides for presenters-
    • At least 30 minutes, one presentation a day currently maybe more with more participants,
    • 30 seats- can add more if we needed.
  • Next steps
    • Build scenario- asked each company what they plan to present, will bring next week.
    • HL7- meeting next week Tuesday morning, Joyce will be in attendance, uncertain who else will be there but Laura will report to them on this event.
      • Patrick to send any updates between now and then if he has any.


Use Case:

Other Business None