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Project team NI2016:20160419 minutes

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HIMSS Interoperability Showcase at NI2016 BiWeekly Meeting April 19th, 2016

Meeting Recording:

Current Status

  • We are currently 9 weeks out from NI2016 conference
  • Use cases developed
  • Prospectus available
  • Marketing- IHE partners, Interoperability communities, International HIMSS outlets and all participants of the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase. Any leads we have gained have been shared with the NI2016 Committee.

Current Status of Participants:

  • Patrick report
    • Confirmed: Solid, Inovacom (France), Home Care in EU EMed,
    • Need Confirmation: Nurse IT Institute (Berlin), Simens, Jacob
    • Interest: Company in Netherlands in pediatric home care, Switzerland company, University hospital from Geneva
    • TS1 has not responded still, William to contact
    • Total confirmed: 5-6, maybe 7 with TS1
    • All participants have been asked for more information on what they are showing to help us find connections.
    • When he gets them he will share with the group.
  • No asks currently.
  • Slides for presenters
    • Not ready yet