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Project team NI2016:20151215 minutes

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Roll Call

  • Please introduce yourself to the group

Last meeting Action Items

  • Do we want non IHE or HL7 solutions involved?
    • Yes, we would like all groups to be involved to demonstrate a full ecosystem


  • List of topics from Anneke/Laura for vendors
    • Topics we are interested in
      • Home care
      • Nursing home
      • Connected patients (tablets)
      • Handoff/Care Coordination
        • Longitudinal/ plan of care/ Patient story
        • eSummary
      • Nursing Workflow
        • Nursing data (Vital signs, assessments, pain, skin assessment)
        • Medication administration
      • Discharge data
      • Devices
      • FHIR
      • Services
      • v3
      • ehealth
      • Interoperability
      • Innovation

- Use case option: Moving from Rehab- to Home o Consider- Can’t be decided until vendor sign up but can brainstorm  What made them to go to Rehab?  What happened to them in rehab?  What needed to be considered in order to be discharged  What kind of care is needed at home after being discharged  Positive outcome: What would be the best outcome for the patient? What would the International audience value the most?  Examples of existing HIMSS16 Use cases - Who has been contacted? o Are we missing any groups? Use Case: - Planning of work on the use case descriptions / selections. o Typically use cases are built after we have a few vendors to build it around. Interested vendors: - Any additions? - Current contacts with interested vendors o Solid  GS1 codes- medications, or other events, with barcoding o HL7- Interested  o Centric  Contact Anneke in January o Cerner  Interested and spoke with Patrick o German Vendor  German E Summary (HL7 based) o Chipsoft  Dutch, nursing care plan, discharge summary and interaction with devices o Patrick Vendors  Patrick to send list