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Pressure Ulcer Prevention 20110509

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HL7 project team meeting, 2 May, 2011, 3:00 PM ET


Meeting URL

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Patty Greim Jay Lyle
Ioana Singureanu John Carter
Catherine Hoang Moon-Hee Lee
Mimi Haberfeld Donna DuLong
Charlie Selhorst Sherri Simons
You-Ying Whipple Holly Miller
Walter Suarez Susan Matney
Elaine Ayres Nancy Collins
Peter Hendler Andre Boudreau
Ruth Gong Deborah Francis
Nancy Munoz Evelyn Phillips
Maryellen Posthauer Mary Litchford
Young Hee Kim Colleen Sulewki


  1. Agenda check
  2. Meeting review
  3. Nutrition packages


Action Items

ID Item Who Due Status Notes
14 Determine next steps Team 4/18 Closed Use SME review to confirm model; use HL7 ballot process.
10 Identify clinical experts we want to review the ballot Team 4/18 closed


ID Issue Recorded Status Notes
3 Requirements approach 4/25 IP Determine level of detail, traceability needs, approach.
2 No official HL7 project sponsor 1/10 Closed See action item 3, in process (1/12)

PC probably; needs meeting to confirm (1/19); approved 2/9

1 Model boundaries unclear 1/10 Closed See action item 2, to be confirmed (1/12)

Clarified in meeting (1/19)