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Pharmacy SIG Welcome

The Pharmacy Special Interest Group helps to assure that the HL7 messages and models concerning medication related information - including prescribing, dispensing, and administering medication - address all of the requirements of the many stake holders and variations in different countries.

Working Practices

Pharmacy Sig use of Subversion

Conference Calls

Regular conference calls take place every Tuesday between Working Group Meetings at 4 PM EST. All active participants *and* other interested individuals are invited to join us for this call. An agenda (with the dial-in number & passcode) will be sent to the Pharmacy list prior to the call.

Conference call minutes

Pharmacy SIG list server discussions

Discussion topic Started by Starting date Status Conclusions/actions
================================================ ======================= =========== ======== ===================
follow up on Medication CMETs: where are they being used? John Hatem 2007 03 06 open survey to be completed by John
Note to Balloters: Dose Form Vocabulary Michael van Campen 2007 03 05 closed
Substance Administration vs Exposure Hugh Glover 2007 05 01 open Building a set of examples
AfMS Garry Cruickshank 2007 09 18 open To be discussed in WGM
Structured Product Name Paolo Alcini 2009 01 14 open To be discussed in WGM
IDMP Examples for Analysis Rob Hallowell 2009 01 14 open Examples to be used to compare against the Medication and Common Product models.

Model Notes and Change History

This section documents the issues, tasks and past change history for Pharmacy Artefacts. Detail is only transfered here when it is removed from the visio. Changes between current releases and previous releases is presented on the visio.

POME_DM000000 - Medication DMIM

POME_RM020070 - Medication Dispense

Model Documentation Template - this is to provide a wiki page that can be copied