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Pharmacy WG

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The Pharmacy Work Group helps to assure that the HL7 messages and models concerning medication related information - including prescribing, dispensing, and administering medication - address all of the requirements of the many stake holders and variations in different countries.

Conference Calls

As of January 2012 regular conference calls take place every Monday between Working Group Meetings at 1600 Eastern time). The dial in number is (+1)770 657-9270 pass code 458 523. There is also a GoToMeeting link that is sometimes used, follow

All active participants and other interested individuals are invited to join us for this call. Meeting minutes and an agendas for the next meeting are usually posted at the same time.

Conference call agendas and minutes are posted here

Working Group Meetings

Pharmacy Working Group Meeting Agendas and Minutes are posted here

Pharmacy WG Projects and Ballots

Pharmacy Projects

Pharmacy Ballots

Working Practices

Pharmacy WG use of Subversion

Action Item List

This captures outstanding work items and can be found here on the GForge SVN site under PharmacySig/PharmacySig/Documents. Current version is Orlando WGM 2011 or later.

Other Topics

Pharmacy Hot Topics

Medication Profile

Medication Statement

Medication Modelling

Pharmacy Service Profile (link to the HSSP wiki)

(Obsolete) Pharmacy WG list server discussions

Model Notes and Change History

Proposals for updates or additions

Ballot Preparation and Sources


Architectures and Processes - this page describes the matrix of architectures and process covered by the pharmacy domain. It is an entry point to Implementation guidance.

Pharmacy - SDO Joint Projects

Pharmacy - FIHR

Automation Functionality - from France

Implementation of HL7 Pharmacy WG Artifacts

File:20100921 Trondheim experiences of eprescripcion in Spain with HL7V3.pptx

Out of Cycle Meetings

2013-06 den Haag

2012-10 Paris

2012-03 Oslo

2011-10 Paris

2011-02 Exeter

Implementation Guidance

Implementation Guidance Index - provides a general index to all the Pharmacy WG implementation guidance.