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Patronymic name

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This is a page of type Category:InM Open Action Items.

Proposal 643 XPN: new type code for "patronymic name

Opened 20100114
assigned: Frank Oemig

reviewed 20110111 (sydney)

Description See doc: 643.pdf

Rene: As a reminder: InM only accepts v2 proposals if a clear mapping is shown to v3. "patronymic name" isn't supported in Datatypes R2 yet (which I know because I brought forward the Scandinavian proposal for Mellom Navn, now included in R2, see, and We discussed patronymic names at the time, but we didn't have anybody to defend the use case and bring forward a proposal. It's good to see we now (will) have a proposal.. So your proposal would have to cover a 'datatypes R3 proposal for "patronymic name" as well). Actually, the R3 proposal would be for MnM, given that they take care of the v3 datatypes nowadays.