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Patient Care Normative Ballot Content

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Proposition for content of CP Normative Ballot Jan 2012:

  1. Table of contents
  2. Preface
  3. Overview:
  4. Introduction
    • Scope
    • Purpose

d. Care Provision Domain overview e. Relationship with CDA f. Structure & planning of Care Provision Topics into infrastructural and clinical 4. D-MIM a. Birds-eye view b. Walkthrough 5. Storyboards 6. Use of HL7 templates in CP 7. Use of Clinical Statements in CP 8. PC Infrastructural Topics 9. Care Record Topic 10. Care Record Query Topic 11. Care Transfer Topic 12. PC Clinical Content Topics Above list is to be submitted for the next normative ballot. List below needs to be integrated in this material in future normative ballots. 1. Parked items Infrastructure a. Statement Collector topic b. Care Plan topic c. Care composition topic d. Health Concern topic e. Concern tracking f. Care Transfer query topic (deprecated) g. Requirements analysis (has to be moved to storyboards per topic) h. Explanation & Guidance (has to moved to Storyboards per topic) i. Glossary j. 2. Parked items Clinical Content a. Professional Services Topic b. Assessment scales (DSTU into NE 2012) c. Allergies and Intolerance topic d. Adverse reaction topic? e. Vital observations topic f. Diagnosis Topic (new) g. Patient assessment questionnaires (new) h. Diabetes dataset i. Domain Analysis Models (links to..) j. Detailed Clinical Models i. Methodology ii. Instances k. Perinatology dataset l. Child health dataset m. Clinical Document topic (deprecated)