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* [[PCCR-047 Concern Class]]
* [[PCCR-047 Concern Class]]
* [[PCCR-048 Cared Entity CMET]]
* [[PCCR-048 Cared Entity CMET]]
* [[PCCR-049 Problem Diagnosis]]
* [[PCCR-049 Problem, Diagnosis & Concern]]
== Pending Requests ==
== Pending Requests ==

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This is the collection of change requests for the Patient Care domain. Patient Care

At of now this list is a starting point for the promoting Patient Care from DSTU to Normative Standard.

PC thanks dr. Kai Heitmann for facilitating the creation of this wiki!

  • In order to submit a request, the Patient Care Change Request Template should be used. Please Do Not Edit the template! but copy and paste it into a new page.
  • The change requests are all having the following naming convention: PCCR-nnn short description with nnn a three digit number and short description being a short text to describe the type of change request.
  • Editing of Change Requests is restricted to the submitter and the co-chairs of the Patient Care Project.
  • Other changes will be undone.
  • Please add comments to the "discussion" page associated with this Change Request.

Outstanding Requests

Coming from the PC Project Matrix are 45, 47, 48, 49 below

Pending Requests

Withdrawn Requests

Dispositioned Requests

These items have either been dealt with in ballot reconciliation and are now part of normative materials, or the decision on how to handle it is made and it is included in ongoing PC projects, or currently underway to be handled by others.

Dispositioned Requests Yet To Be Actioned