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* [[PCCR-007-Multidisciplinary Collaboration]]
* [[PCCR-007-Multidisciplinary Collaboration]]
* [[PCCR-009-Reason in Repsonse Model]]
* [[PCCR-009-Reason in Response Model]]
* [[PCCR-010-Additional queries]]
* [[PCCR-010-Additional queries]]
* [[PCCR-011-Medication subscriptions]]
* [[PCCR-011-Medication subscriptions]]

Revision as of 23:59, 18 May 2011

This is the collection of change requests for the Patient Care domain.

At of now this list is a starting point for the promoting Patient Care from DSTU to Normative Standard.

PC thanks dr. Kai Heitmann for facilitating the creation of this wiki!

  • In order to submit a request, the Patient Care Change Request Template should be used. Please Do Not Edit the template! but copy and paste it into a new page.
  • The change requests are all having the following naming convention: PCCR-nnn short description with nnn a three digit number and short description being a short text to describe the type of change request.
  • Editing of Change Requests is restricted to the submitter and the co-chairs of the Patient Care Project.
  • Other changes will be undone.
  • Please add comments to the "discussion" page associated with this Change Request.

Outstanding Requests

Pending Requests

Withdrawn Requests

Dispositioned Requests

Dispositioned Requests Yet To Be Actioned