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Patient Care

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Welcome to the HL7 Patient Care WG Wiki!

Welcome to the Patient Care Work Group Wiki Site.The Patient Care WG is chartered to define messages to support the needs for communicating information regarding the creation, management, execution and the quality of diagnostic and therapeutic care. This wiki page is for facilitation of ongoing discussions. Please see the hl7 website for more information about the patient care TC

NOTE: the wiki page of Patient Care is under construction. Not all links to following wiki pages are working. But we are working on this.

Working Group Overview Information


Co-Chair: William Goossen (Term ends in May 2011)

Results 4 Care The Netherlands
Phone: +31654614458

Co-Chair: Stephen Chu (Term ends May 2013)

National eHealth Transition Authority (NEHTA) Australia
Phone: ??

Co-Chair: Ian Townend (Term ends in May 2011)

NHS Connecting for Health United Kingdom
Phone: ??

Co-Chair: Klaus Veil (Term ends in ??)

Phone: ??

15 June 2010: Missing information can be added.

Change Requests

Patient Care has now a formal request for change (RFC) page which can be used to request changes in the ballot materials.

Patient Care Change Requests

Please use this for RFC you have pertaining to Topics, D-MIM, R-MIM, use cases, interactions, walkthrough etc. Those that have been handled by either a motion accepted, and /or models or descriptions being changed are listed under Dispositioned Requests.

Meeting Information

minutes from the hl7 website

Please also look in the general document section, due to upload problems in minutes sections, some minutes e.g. Phoenix May 2008 are placed in general.

Project Information

Project Status
Allergy & Intolerance

This topic covers all interactions related to clinically recorded adverse reactions.
Finish the work from the ballot resolution on the Allergy/Intolerance topic and have it published as DSTU.
Project ID 174
Project contact: Stephen Chu;

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

This topic covers pressure ulcer risk assessment and interventions.
The project will develop a Domain Analysis Model based on work performed by the Kaiser-Permanente US Department of Veterans Affairs collaboration. Project ID:
Project contact: Jay Lyle;

Health Concern

Concern Tracking and Care statements provide a framework for tracking and managing health concerns.
Ballot resolutions for Health Concern are completed. Currently work is in DSTU status, but all work from the reconciliation needs to be carried out.
after the work is done, and material is remodelled and publishable a publication request needs to go to HL7 HQ. Project 666.
Project contact: Jean Duteau, Canada

Care Plan Topic & Ordersets

The Care Plan structure is used to define the management action plans for the various concerns identified for the target of care. It is the structure in which the care planning for all individual professions or for groups of professionals can be organized, planned and checked for completion.
Care Plan is Draft.
No separate project ID, but part of ongoing work joint with CDS and O&O WG
Project Contact: William Goossen;

Care Plan Initiative project 2011

Care Plan has been balloted some years ago as DSTU. However, it was felt at that time that more work needed to be done in defining care plan, the components of the care plan, identifying use cases and use. The plan for 2011 is to first develop a Domain Analysis Model (DAM) for the Care Plan, and then decide on follow on activities. The HDF 1.5 (HL7 development framework) approach will be followed.
HL7 PC will build on the material and knowledge of various groups to develop the DAM.
Project ID: No project id assigned yet, once PSS gets in, the ID will be assigned.
Project contact: André Boudreau, or Laura Heermann Langford,

New PSS and Project ID needed before moving any material to ballot
Care Plan Topic project

Care Plan has been balloted some years ago as DSTU. However, it was felt at that time that more work needed to be done in defining care plan, the components of the care plan, identifying use cases and use. The plan for 2010 is to complete the contents of Care Plan.
HL7 PC will work together with: HL7 Structured Documents WG IMIA-NI IHE For the content of this DSTU material.
project ID 651
Project contact: Rosemary Kennedy, or Laura Heermann Langford,

Care Provision D-MIM

The Care Provision D-MIM is the fundamental piece of work of the Patient Care Working Group. All HL7 messages under Care Provision are dependend on this Domain Message Information Model. All R-MIMs representing specific messages for specific tasks for continuity of care are derived from this basic model. The derivation is done via removing from D-MIM what we do not need, replacing full classes with CMETs, constraining attributes, cardinalities or relationships, or - very important - roll out specific structures that are derived from the clinical statement.
Activity ongoing is to move this as a single Topic in the ballot to normative ballot, and to split all underlying R-MIMs to separate topics. In particular obsolete material such as the assessment scale part in care structures with RM_***120 needs to be removed, in favor of the new DSTU version R2, with number RM_**125. The latter has been submitted for publication.
Project ID 284

Project contact: William Goossen,|

Care Composition

It is part of the ballot since 2010 as DSTU.

Project ID: 106
Project contact: Does need a PC member to be responsible for this project for future work (early 2012 to be decided to move to normative).

Assessment Scales

The aim of this release is to provide a generic template based on the clinical statement pattern for use with almost all scores systems and assessment scales. Therefore, it provides a framework for use in messages and documents.
Finish the work from the ballot resolution on the Assessment Scales topic and have it published as DSTU. It has been completed and is submitted for DSTU publication.
Project ID: 664
Project contact: William Goossen;

Detailed Clinical Models

The underlying assumption for a standard on Detailed Clinical Models is that to use, exchange and reuse data, and to obtain meaningful information from it for each purpose, data need to be handled consistently. This consistent use is required on both the mono and multidisciplinary health professional level. Project ID 320
Project contact: William Goossen;

Detailed Clinical Model instance construction

Five examples where balloted in september 2010.
Patient care is currently working on the reconciliations
Project contact: William Goossen;

Detailed Clinical Model guidelines for creation

The DCM guidelines will be entered as soon as the ISO standard is finished. Please mail to the patient care list if you think it takes too long :-)
Plan is to translate a Dutch document covering UML style guide for DCM
Project contact: William Goossen;

Detailed Clinical Models for Medical Devices

The intent of this project is to create and maintain one generic Domain Analysis Model and a set Detailed Clinical Model that defines the main concepts of using medical device-related data safely and traceably for patient care.
the work is carried out as joint project with HL WG Devices
Project contact for patient care:Anneke Goossen;
project contact for devices: John Rhoads


The relationship between a Domain Analysis Model (DAM) and a Detailed Clinical Model (DCM)and how this fits into the Services-Aware Inteoperability Framework (SAIF)
Project contact: Michael van der Zel;

Safe Patient Handling

The safe lifting and movement of patients, known as Safe Patient Handling (SPH), is a major concern for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitative facilities, and home healthcare workers. In order to protect patients and keep nursing staff healthy, many facilities are implementing SPH programs.
Project contact: William Goossen;

On Hold pending input of project scope statement from requester.
Patient Care Glossary

The concepts that Patient Care is using are defined in the glossary. Project is just started with defining the concepts that are being used in the Care Plan Topic project. See Care Plan Glossary Patient Care Glossary
this work is done in conjunction with the SKTM glossary of the international SDO's
See ISO 13940 Continuity of Care standard for definitions
Project contact:


Other topics the Patient Care TC has defined:


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