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Patient Care

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Welcome to the HL7 Patient Care TC Wiki!

The Patient Care TC (PCTC) is chartered to define messages to support the needs for communicating information regarding the creation, management, execution and the quality of diagnostic and therapeutic care. This wiki page is for facilitation of ongoing discussions. Please see the hl7 website for more information about the patient care TC

  • William's correct phone number is +31654614458.

Active Topics include:

Allergy & Intolerance

Health Concern

Care Plan Topic & Ordersets

Care Plan Topic project

Care Composition

Care Transfer Query Topic

Assessment Scales

Detailed Clinical Models

Detailed Clinical Model instance construction

Detailed Clinical Model guidelines for creation


Clinical Document Topic Patient Care discussion item

Safe Patient Handling

Other topics the Patient Care TC has defined:

Patient Care TC WG relationships include:

Meetings and Conference Calls:

minutes from the hl7 website

Please also look in the general document section, due to upload problems in minutes sections, some minutes e.g. Phoenix May 2008 are placed in general.


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