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* [ Negation Requirements page]
* [ Negation Requirements page]
* [ Dynamic Care Plan Project]
* [ Dynamic Care Plan Project]
* [ Device Data Sharing with Enterprise Health Systems]  
* [[Medical_Device Data Sharing with Enterprise Health Systems]] project

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The Patient Care Workgroup (PCWG) wiki page hosts information to help committee members and stakeholders advance work in progress. Contributions are welcome.
For more information please consult:
the HL7 website or the Patient Care Workgroup page.

HL7 PCWG Events: Announcements, Agenda and Meeting Minutes

  • HL7 Conference Call details:
~ Phone + 1 770 657 9270
~ PIN: 943377

Current Efforts

Other Projects (PCWG as co-sponsor or interested party)

The following is a list of projects that PCWG is either a co-sponsor or interested party:

  • ODH
Project Presentation

Important and Interesting Topics


  • IHE Profiles and Resources:
Ongoing IHE PCC work based on the Patient Care domain interactions
Other FHIR profiles from other organizations (including IHE) <>