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Decision Making Practices Template Maintenance Project

Project Information

Insert project description here
The Project Scope Statement status is: In Development

Project Lead(s)

  • Sandra Stuart(

Project Timeline

  • Project Launch: Jan 2017
  • Gather Requirements: Through the May 2017 WGM
  • Update Template: Following the May 2017 WGM
  • Approval: September 2017
  • Release/Publication: Sept 2017 WGM

Project Working Documents

The Default Decision Making Practices (DPMs) are found here:
Draft with markup
Clean draft

Project Requirements Gathering


To add a requirement for consideration by the committee edit the WIKI directly yourself following the template provided or email the PIC List Service (

Requirement Template:
  1. enter requirement
    • Source: enter your name and email address
    • Submitted on: enter the date of your submission
    • Committee Comments: leave blank
    • Status: Entered


  1. Request (add complete description of requested change)
    • Source: (name and email address of person actually adding request)
    • Submitted on: (Date)
    • Committee Comments: (For PIC use)
    • Status: (For PIC use)
  2. Request
    • Source:
    • Submitted on:
    • Committee Comments:
    • Status:
  3. Request - typos when reviewing the DMP doc
    1. 8.1b says "to participant", should be "to participate"
    2. missing "]" on end of Quorum note in section 5s
    • Source: email from Rik Smithies
    • Submitted on: 9/22/2014
    • Committee Comments: Included in 2017 version
    • Status: Included in 2017 version
  4. Request - extend the 3.2b copy to include electronic voting; Maybe this could be considered for the next version of the default.
    • in 3.2b we felt the need to extend the CS copy to include electronic voting. Otherwise it seems to imply that binding decisions can't be made except at meetings. We assumed that that was not the intent.
      1. a) Binding decisions can be made only at meetings with the required advance notification where quorum is met, or in accordance with the electronic voting provisions stipulated in section 7;
    • Source: email from Rik Smithies
    • Submitted on: 9/22/2014
    • Committee Comments:
    • Status: Included in 2017 version
  5. Request:Add guidance for campaigning for Board on Work Group (WG) conference calls - leave up to WG to manage their process, but per the GOM, cannot campaign on WG listserve ( Nomination and Election Process) but GOM is silent on conference calls
    • Source: Freida Hall from 2016-01-13 Nominations Meeting at January WGM
    • Submitted on: 2016-01-13
    • Committee Comments: Should this guidance be in the DMPs or the co-chair handbook
    • Status: Entered
  6. Request:Change the last line of the header to capture the date the Work Group, Committee, etc. adopts their DMP <insert date DMP adopted by WG, Cmt., etc>, vs. listing the date of the DMP version; move the DMP version date/title to the footer, e.g. "DMP V4.0 Adopted May 26, 2014"
    • Source: Freida Hall
    • Submitted on: 2016-01-29
    • Committee Comments: Is this comment still relevant given that we are moving to a single DMP
    • Status: Included in 2017 version
  7. Request: Correct numbering under section 7, e.g. start with a)
    • Source: Freida Hall
    • Submitted on: 2016-01-29
    • Committee Comments:
    • Status: corrected in 2017 version
  8. Request: Add to 3.2.1 WGM Agenda Section d) "Mobi app" as another alternative method to announce agenda changes
    • Justification: Mobi app was not available when the DMP was originally created.
    • Source: Freida Hall
    • Submitted on: 2017-04-05
    • Committee Comments: (For PIC use)
    • Status: (For PIC use) Included in the 2017 version
  9. Request: Section 8 Proxy Participation - revise to allow proxy participation but clarify the process.
    • Justification: When the DMP was introduced by PIC (under auspices of the HL7 Board) in 2004, HL7 had fewer Work Groups, less virtual meetings/calls between Working Group Meetings, and less global participation. The DMP assumption that a member could be present on every call or WGM session of interest to the member is not feasible in the current HL7 organization. Revise Section 8 to permit proxy participation and statement of position.
    • Source: Freida Hall
    • Submitted on: 2017-04-05
    • Committee Comments: Committee feels proxy voting should be offered only for closed committees
    • Status: Available for closed committees only