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'''Project Lead(s)'''  
'''Project Lead(s)'''  
:* Helen Stevens (
:* Sandra Stuart(
'''Project Timeline'''
'''Project Timeline'''
:*Project Launch: Jan 2010
:*Project Launch: Jan 2014
:*Gather Requirements: Feb-Mar 2010
:*Gather Requirements: tbd
:*Update Template: Apr 2010
:*Update Template: tbd
:*Approval: May 2010
:*Approval: May 2014
:*Release/Publication: May 2010 WGM
:*Release/Publication: May 2010 WGM

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Decision Making Practices Template Maintenance Project

Project Information

Insert project description here
The Project Scope Statement status is: In Development

Project Lead(s)

  • Sandra Stuart(

Project Timeline

  • Project Launch: Jan 2014
  • Gather Requirements: tbd
  • Update Template: tbd
  • Approval: May 2014
  • Release/Publication: May 2010 WGM

Project Working Documents

The Generic DMP Template is designed to be adopted with by workgroups that want to apply specific changes applicable to their group. This includes any closed membership workgroups.
DMP Template V3 - Final approved by TSC
DMP Template V3 WITH MARKUP - Final approved by TSC with revision markers showing changes from v2 to v3.
Summary of changes between v2.0 and v3.0

DMP Template V2 (OLD) Previous version of the DMP for reference

The Work Group Default DMP is designed to be adopted as-is by any workgroup that does not need any changes. It is a constrained version of the Generic DMP Template.
Work Group Default DMP V3 - Final approved by PIC
Work Group Default DMP V3 WITH MARKUP - Final approved by PIC with revision markers showing changes from the Generic DMP Template.

Project Requirements Gathering


To add a requirement for consideration by the committee edit the WIKI directly yourself following the template provided or email the PIC List Service (

Requirement Template:
  1. enter requirement
    • Source: enter your name and email address
    • Submitted on: enter the date of your submission
    • Committee Comments: leave blank
    • Status: Entered


  1. Request from Project Services to add a requirement to record the results (vote tally) of e-voting in the next meeting/call minutes so there is a persistent record. This was a suggested comment on the project approval process. When project are approved by e-vote, the approval process defers to the DMP for process definition for conducting the e-vote. Project Services suggests revising the e-vote process to require a persistent record of the results of the vote, as this seems advisable for any e-vote. Also suggest revising the minutes template to add a reminder to record outcome of e-votes prior to the call.
    • Source: Freida Hall (
    • Submitted on: January 2012
    • Committee Comments:
    • Status: Entered
  2. Request PIC meeting at May 2012 WMG. Add mobile app as method to notify of Work Group of agenda changes, but also need a "hardcopy" method (for those not using mobile apps)
    • Source: Freida Hall (
    • Submitted on: July 2012
    • Committee Comments:
    • Status: Entered
  3. Referral from GOM re: TSC election process to add to DMP; detail posted to Documents section of PIC page
    • Source: Freida Hall for GOC,
    • Submitted on: September 26, 2013
    • Committee Comments:
    • Status: Entered