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Return to the >> Process Improvement Committee

Ballot Comment Spreadsheet Maintenance

Project Information

Insert project description here
The Project Scope Statement status is: In Development

Project Lead(s)

  • Sandra Stuart (

Project Timeline

  • Project Launch: Sept 2013
  • Gather Requirements: Sept-Nov 2013
  • Update Template: Dec 2013
  • Release/Publication: Jan 2014 WGM

Project Working Documents

The Ballot Common spreadsheet Template is used by all workgroups and members that ballot documents through the ballot desktop. PIC will be updating/improving the template.

Project Requirements Gathering


To add a requirement for consideration by the committee edit the WIKI directly yourself following the template provided or email the PIC List Service (

Requirement Template:
  1. enter requirement
    • Source: enter your name and email address
    • Submitted on: enter the date of your submission
    • Committee Comments: leave blank
    • Status: Entered