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PHER Exposure Model

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"Exposure Summit"

 Dates:  February 5 & 6th
 Times:  1000 - 1400 U.S. Eastern Standard Time (both days)

Conference Call Details:

  Call in:  866-762-1957
  Participant:  4799086

Web Conference:
  Conference reference:  644479
  Attendee pin:  3259


Achieve consensus on how "Exposure" should be modeled in HL7 Version 3. The outcome from the summit should be harmonization proposal(s) for the March RIM Harmonization meeting that everyone involved in the summit can support.

Notes and documents from Day 1

Notes and documents from Day 2

Resulting Harmonization Proposal

The summit resulted in the following RIM Harmonization Proposal which was adopted during the March 20078 RIM Harmonization Meeting. Here's a link to the Results of that harmonization meeting:

The specific Exposure proposal the following file in the above zip file: 2007MAR_HARM_PROPOSAL_RIM_PATIENTCARE_rita_altamore_PHER2007-06 Exposure_20070223170526.doc

HL7 V3 Models for Exposure

Based on the RIM Changes that were approved through Harmonization, PHER has developed the following models that utilize the various Exposure related changes. At this point, all of these are normative CMETs (links are to the January 2010 ballot site):

  • A_PublicHealthStatement - The Exposure class included in this model illustrates the use of the various new participation types and roles that were introduced into the RIM to handle exposure.
  • R_ExposureAgentCarrier - This CMET, and its two child CMETs (R_ExposureAgentFomite, R_ExposureAgentVector) - This CMET documents the source of an exposure.
  • R_InvestigativeSubject - This CMET documents an entity as the subject of some sort of public health investigation. In the exposure model it is used for general exposure participants as well as the exposure target.
  • E_PublicHealthEntity This CMET and all its child CMETs are used to document that actual things that participate in various ways in the Exposure event.