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PHER-CR10-TableHL70125 ValueSet Reference

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Submitted by: Eric Haas Revision date: 2011/02/11
Submitted date: 2011/02/11 Change request ID: PHER-CR10-TableHL70125_ValueSet_Reference
Standard: ELR-IG Artifact ID, Name: ELR-IG


(Value set for OBX.2) Table 6-1 HL7table0125 v2.5.1 listed in table 6-1. Should be v2.6.


  • In Table 6-1, change HL7 table0125 v2.5.1 to V2.6 constrained value set and correct link to PHIN VADS for this value set.

Change the Value Set from HL70125 to Table 6-3 ( constrained v2.6 HL70125 Value Set)



Recommended Action Items


(Resolution is to be recorded here and in the referenced minutes, which are the authoritative source of resolution).