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Potential Drug-Drug Interaction (PDDI) Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

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Clinical Decision Support

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  • Clinical Decision Support

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This project seeks to develop an implementation guide for potential drug-drug interaction (PDDI) clinical decision support (CDS). The implementation guide will specify both a knowledge representation format for PDDI logic and CDS services for PDDI with electronic health record (EHR) systems. Specifically, the implementation guide will include specifications for: 1) How to represent PDDI logic in CQL and evidence in computational format using the FHIR Clinical Reasoning module. 2) How to use CDS Hooks as a mechanism for EHRs to request PDDI CDS from CDS services. The project may raise the need to create new FHIR resource(s) (e.g., a resource to represent drug interactions) and/or FHIR profile(s) (e,g, for PDDI context representation). The current scope is the universal realm. We will consider potential realm-specific work in the future.

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