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PCCR-030-New trigger events

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Description New trigger events
Submitted by Results from analysis "Evaluating HL7 Care Provision DSTU"
Submitted date 2010-10-05
Status approved
Priority medium


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Continuing Care in Ontario requested additional dynamic models in Care Provision. These include: a need to add 3 new trigger events (and corresponding interactions) for

  1. Suspend Care Transfer Request
  2. Resume Care Transfer Request
  3. Nullify Care Transfer Request


Patient Care Topic / Artefact

Dynamic Model



Jan 2012 PC:

Two of these suspend and resume do make little sense. Suspend would require the receiver to keep records of patients not accepted which does not look a valid use case, hence there is no reason to resume.

However the nullify interaction does help to solve some issues with the ability to cancel a request and simply send a new one when due time.

Recommended Action Items

These are available in a walkthrough format.


To add this to the ballot materials after the first parts went through normative ballot.


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