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PCCR-023-Patient Care home for more topics

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Description Patient Care home for more topics
Submitted by Results from analysis "Evaluating HL7 Care Provision DSTU"
Submitted date 2010-10-05
Status approved
Priority medium


Please note:

  • Editing of Change Requests is restricted to the submitter and the co-chairs of the Patient Care Project.
  • Other changes will be undone.
  • Please add comments to the "discussion" page associated with this Change Request.

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In HL7 there are a lot of topics in other domains that might be more suited in Care Provision. For example not showing for an appointment is in the administrative domain, while the reason for not showing could be a health concern. Every action in an ambulance is considered an encounter, when the patients arrive in the hospital the same actions belong to the Care Provision domain.


Patient Care Topic / Artefact




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