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PCCR-008-Consent model

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Description Consent model
Submitted by Results from analysis "Evaluating HL7 Care Provision DSTU"
Submitted date 2010-10-05
Status approved
Priority medium


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Also a topic that concerns consent is being missed.


Add consent model

Patient Care Topic / Artefact

DMIM update version 0800.1 has a act reference Authorization to CMET A_Consent Universal. COCT_MT470000.

Remaining Question: Is this UV? Should be.


There are several instances where a clinician would like to refer a patient to another clinician. This would need an explicit consent from the patient in many situations. Hence, there needs to be an authorization option with patient consent.

Concrete use case example (Nictiz, 2007): " Use Case: Dutch Primary Care Provider wants to refer a patient to First Line Psychology. This kind of referral does need consent, e.g. to send data and/or arrange an appointment.


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