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== Recommendation ==
== Recommendation ==
Add allergy model
Add severity to allergy model
== Patient Care Topic / Artefact ==
== Patient Care Topic / Artefact ==

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Description Missing Allergy Model
Submitted by Results from analysis "Evaluating HL7 Care Provision DSTU"
Submitted date 2010-10-05
Status approved
Priority medium


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Allergy: it is one to have a model; the content is not so easy. You mainly want to know the severity of the reaction.


Add severity to allergy model

Patient Care Topic / Artefact

DMIM Care Provision should have an entry point / template specification for the Allergy and Intolerance R-MIM.

Allergy and Intolerance R-MIM which is specified in the DSTU topic under Care Provision, i.e.

AllergyIntoleranceConcern (REPC_RM000324UV)does have a severity class attached.



Recommended Action Items


This has been reconciled in the current DSTU material. Issue is thus handled and will only resurface when this R-MIM will go to normative. Plan is currently to do that after the D-MIM and Referral and Care Record Topics have been accepted at normative ballot level (2012 / 2013?).


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