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PA Sched Service Minutes 10/6

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  • Rick Freeman
  • Scott Narus
  • Cooper Thompson
  • Ken Rubin
  • Drew Torres
  • Daniel White (athena)
  • Abdullah (athena)


Summary of Scott and Rick's work on a FHIR integrated scheduling application

Use cases:

  1. Support there different people accessing schedules:
    1. Providers - look across their schedules from variety of systems.
    2. Patient - wants to look at all previous and upcoming appointments
    3. Care Manager - working for patient - same kind of query as the patient, but as a proxy.


  • Driven by input from VA to allow patients and providers to see appointments across locations.
  • Secondary motivations; Smart on FHIR is focused on single patient selected. Not many open source projects focused on non-patient focused context.
  • Didn’t get into discovering scheduling endpoints or multi-domain authentication

Scheduling Discussion

There are (at least) two workflows we are looking to support:

  • "interactive"
  • Appointment request
  • Potential integration with decision support to determine which appointments types to schedule
    • Find next available opportunities (near real time)
    • Request includes a broad time range of availability, the engine could pick first available, for example

Visit types

  • Approach is to provide sufficient info for each system to resolve to their visit types.
  • Need to consider what hints need to be provided or questions need to be answers.
    • Examples: MRI resources vary based on metal in patient's body

Follow ups:

  1. Have everyone review their visit types (/appointment reason) for next week.
  2. Identify themes of user interaction with scheduling system (current and near future)
  3. How do folks handle appointment scheduling across DST transitions and timezones?

Collections of operations with different behaviors.

  1. Appointment booking can be confirmed immediately. Provides specific metadata and get back a specific confirmed slot
  2. Appointment booking may involve multiple round trips for questions/hints, etc. Looking for appointment possibilities that meet a set of criteria.
  3. From the list from #2, subsequent filter criteria can be provided (e.g. preference for female provider).

Discovery of service endpoints

  1. Define this as a precondition in the spec
  2. Cover the potential solutions in the IG

Next week agenda:

  1. Visit type / harmonization