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PA Sched Service Minutes 10/25

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  • Jason Chen
  • Cooper Thompson


Most of the call involved Jason and I discussing appointment type lookup, and what input parameters are needed in order for a system to indicate what appointment type should be used for an appointment. The inputs we discussed were:

  • Procedure
  • Indication
  • Insurance information
  • Recent labs
  • Patient preferences: languages, provider sex
  • Patient demographic information: sex, age
  • Other Patient demographics for matching (for new vs. existing checks)
    • Note that the expectation is that when doing appointment type lookup, the server should not be creating a new patient. Only using the demographics to see if there is an existing matching patient. This is because the client may be searching multiple servers for the soonest available appointment slot, and may not end up deciding to book an appointment with your server. It would not be desirable to create a patient record in a dozen systems if the only thing the client was doing was checking for availability.