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Use the code definitions for the value sets.
Use the code definitions for the value sets.
'''3. VALUE SET CHANGE TO v:ActEncounterCode'''
Change v:ActEncounterCode
*Remove Union with v:ActMedicalServiceCode
*Remove Union with v:ActMedicalServiceCode
*Add Union with six value sets defined above
*Add Union with six value sets defined above
*Retain existing union with v:ActInpatientEncounterCode
*Retain existing union with v:ActInpatientEncounterCode
'''4. VALUE SET CHANGE TO v:ActCareProvisionCode'''
Change v:ActCareProvisionCode
*Add Union with v:ActMedicalServiceCode
*Add Union with v:ActMedicalServiceCode
== Rationale ==
== Rationale ==

Latest revision as of 19:06, 15 July 2009

Editing of harmonization proposals prior to a harmonization meeting is restricted to the proposal submitter and the co-chairs of the steward comittee. Other changes will be undone. Please add comments to the "discussion" page associated with this proposal.

Recommendation for HL7 RIM Change and/or Vocabulary changes RECOMMENDATION ID:
Sponsored by: Patient Administration work group Approval date by sponsor: 15 July 2009
Revision (# and date): #1 15 July 2009 Date submitted:
Editor/Author: Gregg Seppala Sponsor Status: Approved
PROPOSALNAME: Encounter Type Value Sets  

Summary of Vocabulary changes

REQUIRED - fill in the numbers in the rightmost three columns that total the number of vocabulary changes in the proposal. This is used to cross-check the accuracy of capturing and applying the requested changes

Abbrev. Description # to Add # to Remove # to Change
D Concept Domains 0 0 0
S Code Systems 0 0 0
C Concept codes in a code system 0 0 1
V Value sets 7 0 1
B Context Bindings 0 0 0

Position of Concerned Organizations

REQUIRED - This table should contain one row for each organization/WG affected by the recommendation.

Patient Administration WG Approved Encounter.code
WG/Organization 2 Unknown/Reviewed/Approved List model elements of interest to WG/Organization


Patient Administration has identified different associations and constraints for different types of encounters (e.g., inpatient vs. home health) so we need to constrain encounter models to specific encounter types. Since this requires constraining the code attribute we need to add a set of single-value Value Sets for the encounter type.

This proposal also corrects an error that defines the ActMedicalServiceCode code set as a child of ActEncouterCode instead of as a sibling code set. The current placement permits selecting medical service codes (e.g., Pediatrics, Oncology) as an encounter type.

Recommendation Details

RIM Recommendation(s)

Vocabulary Recommendation(s)


  • Promote _ActMedicalServiceCode from a child of _ActEncounterCode to be its sibling (i.e., a child of _ActCareProvisionCode)

2. VALUE SET ADDITIONS Add six new value sets:

  • v:ActAmbulatoryEncounterCode - 1 code from c:ActCode = AMB (ambulatory)
  • v:ActEmergencyEncounterCode - 1 code from c:ActCode = EMER (emergency)
  • v:ActFieldEncounterCode - 1 code from c:ActCode = FLD (field)
  • v:ActHomeHealthEncounterCode - 1 code from c:ActCode = HH (home health)
  • v:ActShortStayEncounterCode - 1 code from c:ActCode = SS (short stay)
  • v:ActVirtualEncounterCode - 1 code from c:ActCode = VR (virtual)

Use the code definitions for the value sets.

3. VALUE SET CHANGE TO v:ActEncounterCode

  • Remove Union with v:ActMedicalServiceCode
  • Add Union with six value sets defined above
  • Retain existing union with v:ActInpatientEncounterCode

4. VALUE SET CHANGE TO v:ActCareProvisionCode

  • Add Union with v:ActMedicalServiceCode


This use case was previously supported by defining encounter type (Encounter.code) as a fixed value. The recent changes in how terminology is handled outlaws this solution (cannot bind code to a CD data type.

Recommended Action Items

  • MnM to implement the proposed solution



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