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PA ConCall 20090729

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   Call is scheduled for 1.0 hour
   Wed July 29, 2009 10:15 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
   Please consult [1] for your local times
   Phone Number: 770-657-9270
   Participant Passcode: 986210#


  1. Approve minutes July 15, 2009 call
  2. Harmonization proposals
    • Jurisdiction Type Code [2]
    • Administrative Contact Role Type [3]
    • Place of Existence [4]
    • Encounter Type [5]


Gregg, Jean, Jay, Wendy, Norman


Harmonization proposals

  1. Jurisdiction Type Code
    • This needs to be reworked and discussed at WG in Sept after Canadian WG has further discussion – territory vs. jurisdiction. Proposal will be withdrawn for now until further discussion and resubmitted for November harmonization. Proposal is being withdrawn for this harmonization.
  2. Administrative Contact Role Type
    • Proposal to add concept domain called AdministrativeContactRoleType under RoleCode and to add the new codes to the RoleCode code system under _AdministrativeContactRoleType.
    • Service Delivery Location detailed query has contactParty.code. Changes are required – make Billing specialization of Finance and add RIM anchor role.code to proposal. Change to have Billing as a leaf contact of Finance. This will be a representative code system that satisfies all the known Canadian use cases.
    • Can we endorse the proposal based on the changes identified? Wendy reviewed the changes that she has documented as required.
    • Norman felt that clear definition was required and that the values for the code set do not make sense as presented in the proposal. There is a level of confusion that needs explanation or else same questions will arise at harmonization meeting.
    • Jay suggested that the proposal be reviewed and clarify definitions for code set values. This will be resubmitted for WGM agenda discussion and harmonization in November.